NFL: What we’ve learned from preseason games


No matter who you root for on Sundays when the preseason rolls around and coaches begin their analysis of prospective players fans normally join in with their two cents.   If you have ever stumbled upon a fan forum for your team of choice your sure to find hundreds of qualified team scouts in disguise.  We have all read the ramblings of  the fans who verbally abuse the coaching staff of a professional team, who by the way are being paid millions of dollars yearly.  Second guessing is a fans right, but it is important to remember that these are not just professional athletes but coaches as well.    These men have the daunting task of evaluating as many as 90 former college and pro players and trim that to a 53 man roster, but only 45 of those may dress out on any given Sunday.

The New Orleans Saints open their preseason with St Louis Rams who defeated the Saints last season, but after 3 preseason games the Saints record stand unblemished.  We all know that preseason games are glorifies full contact practices against different teams.  No matter what sort of game is played in the Mercedes Benz Super Dome the price of tickets stays the same, some fans have voiced their disapproval for a preseason game ticket price staying the same.  Of course many fans will pay any price to watch Drew Brees play full speed for one quarter, and the other 92 players on the roster fill the rest of the game.   At the end of the day the preseason is merely an evaluation period for NFL coaches to try to narrow a group of over 90 highly skilled football players down to 53.  The only silver lining for fans is that the every Sunday NFL stars need tune ups to get the rust knocked off after an offseason without game speed practice.  That leaves fans who have been clamoring for football appeasing themselves with these nationally broadcast practices.  After week three all fans calendar’s have been marked for September 7th where the Falcons wait for redemption.