What’s Next For The Saints Following Junior Galette Drama?


If you’ve been living under a rock the past 48 hours, then the now infamous video of New Orleans Saints linebacker Junior Galette may be new to you.

Be warned this video does have some explicit language:

Many assumptions can be drawn from the somewhat incoherent rant by Galette and the other individuals in the video.

One of the most popular has been of the “F— Sean” portion which has been speculated that it’s directed towards head coach Sean Payton.

Of course there is also the comments Galette makes in reference to a “pec injury” as well as the “Sixty or better…sixty guaranteed!”

As reported last week Galette is said to have suffered a pectoral injury and is currently seeking a second opinion on if he is going to need surgery or not.

Big Easy Believer’s Editor Barry Hirstius voiced a theory in a recent article that Galette’s “Sixty” comment was in reference to teammate Cameron Jordan’s recent extension he just signed.

Which if  that was directed towards Jordan’s extension then Galette was a bit misinformed since the 5-year extension is for $55 million with only $33.469 million guaranteed(per Spotrac.com).

While fans have been putting the pitchfork to the outspoken pass rusher, the media has been a bit more subdued in reference to it.

Terrell hits the nail right on the head with the “major assumptions” as does Underhill saying it is “a bad look”.

The comments Junior and his friends make in the video can be given the “Da Vinci Code” treatment and be made to fit the worst of what some are thinking.

Galette has posted a response to all the backlash on his Instagram account:

"Amazing What People Will Do To Bring you Down. It’s Sad, you’d think they want to see u doing good but it’s not like that at The Top….It Gets Ugly…Spread Love And Kill Hate…."

The only major issue that can be taken from Galette’s posting of the video is that the timing of it combined with all his other issues such as his arrest during the offseason and a possible looming suspension isn’t very smart.

I mentioned in an article yesterday that Galette has been relatively quiet following his arrest in January of this year and then this surfaces.

Oct 30, 2014; Charlotte, NC, USA; New Orleans Saints outside linebacker Junior Galette (93) reacts on the sidelines in the fourth quarter. The Saints defeated the Panthers 28-10 at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Galette clearly has a maturity issue but other than that, there’s not much else to say on it.

There’s been a slow brewing feeling since the offseason that the Saints have wanted to rid themselves of Galette with CBSSports.com’s Jason La Canfora reporting in February that:

"Coach Sean Payton has expressed a desire to part with troubled pass rusher Junior Galette, according to sources, with the team exploring options to part with him after his January arrest."

While I’ve seen that mentioned by a large contingency of Who Dats on social media, especially after the posted video, it’s not that simple.

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With the structuring of Galette’s contract, the Saints are basically painted into a corner with the salary cap.

According to Spotrac.com, releasing Galette would create some issues with the team having to shoulder a hit when it comes to dead salary cap space with his 4-year, $41 million dollar contract.

It shows the team would be hit with $4.1 million(2015), $3.2 million(2016), $8.9 million(2017), $5.7 million(2018), and $2.5 million(2019) in deep cap space for the remainder of his contract.

Who Dat Dish editor John Hendrix recently posted:

Now I don’t know who this “source” is but the “plan” for Galette is going to be extremely limited unless the Saints have found the most gullible trade partner in NFL history or he’s being sent to a boarding school.

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The last resort being the Saints have just had absolutely enough of the negativity surrounding him and are willing to grit their teeth and swallow the loss of cap space.

Really the only “plan” that is foreseeable is the team hopes Galette doesn’t need surgery for the reported pec injury and can get some value out of now seemingly ill-conceived contract.

On the outside this goes against the positive culture Payton is trying to instill in the organization after the train wreck of their 2014 season.

But on the inside, there’s really not much they can do even if the Saints were to take issue with the assuming video.

Like it or not, fans should go ahead and prepare to see Galette on the sidelines this season, be it in uniform or in sweatpants……..

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