How the Pelicans Could Trade Tyreke Evans

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Mar 1, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; New Orleans Pelicans guard Tyreke Evans (1) drives past Denver Nuggets guard Ty Lawson (3) during the first half at Pepsi Center. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

DISCLAIMER: First of all, just like my “How the Pelicans Could Trade Ryan Anderson” article right here, this is not meant to advocate for Tyreke Evans’ relocation. I’m not saying we should dump him, I’m just showing how we could dump him if the Pelicans decide to take that route.

The reason Ryan Anderson’s trade article came first was because even though I don’t expect any major roster shake ups, Anderson is the most likely candidate for an exchange.

Stretch-fours on cheap contracts are dream acquisitions for most GMs, and fit with basically any NBA on the market.

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Tyreke Evans on the other hand is the opposite of a stretch-four.

Tyreke is like a shrink-two. He can’t shoot threes, he has no midrange game, and he scores more around the basket then most big men. With that said he still has value, and is probably the second most likely candidate to be moved this summer.

Tyreke averaged 17.6 points, 7.0 assists, and 5.6 rebounds this season per 36 minutes. To give you an idea of how rare that kind of versatility is, Tyreke joined LeBron James and Russell Westbrook as the only players to reach that average this season.

In fact LeBron, Westbrook, Chris Paul, and Dwayne Wade are the only players currently in the league to reach that at any point in their career per 36 minutes.

Tyreke is a monster in the right situation, but finding that situation is a challenge. Here’s two trades which would put him in a position to succeed…..

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