Only Thing ‘Wrong’ With Sean Payton is Our Expectations

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CJ Who?

Nov 1, 2015; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints running back C.J. Spiller (28) runs against the New York Giants during the second quarter of a game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

So Sean Payton went out and found one of the most explosive playmakers in football, CJ Spiller, to fill his scat back role once held by the likes of Reggie Bush and Darren Sproles.

Shelled out a contract worth 16 million dollars over 4 years to bring the Saints offense to another level.

So what does Sean Payton do? He barely uses him.

That’s what’s known in the legal world as a “misappropriation of funds”.

CJ has played a total of 154 offensive snaps so far this year. To put that in perspective for you, Mark Ingram has played 411 and Khiry Robinson, who hasn’t played since midway through the week 8 game against the Giants, has been in 135 offensive snaps.

Now CJ did miss the first week of the year due to a knee injury and was limited for a week or 2 after that, but Robinson who has been in 2 and a half less games than Spiller only has 19 less snaps.

Spiller has a grand TOTAL of 324 yards rushing and receiving so far this season — although 80 of those yards came on one amazing, game winning, walk off receiving touchdown against the Cowboys that inflated his stats some. That may not have ever happened if former Saints kicker Zach Hocker hits the walk off field goal.

So without that one play CJ has put up 296 yards so far on the season. Thats an average of a half yard a snap. Ingram averages 2.6 yards per snap.

So why exactly is CJ not being used if he is such an explosive playmaker? Well nobody really knows.

Theres some that think he might not be fully healthy, but he looks like it to me. Others think he may not know the playbook fully yet, and that is possible but don’t you think Payton would have put that into consideration when signing him since he runs one of the most complex offenses in the NFL?

Who knows whats up with CJ, all I know is I want to see more of the 80 yard explosive touchdowns and less of number 28 sitting on the bench.

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