1 YEAR LATER: Grading the Saints 2015 Trades

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The Kenny Stills Trade

Jan 3, 2016; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills (10) is unable to make a catch in the end zone as New England Patriots cornerback Leonard Johnson (34) defends the play during the first half at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Deal: Saints send Kenny Stills to The Dolphins for Danelle Ellerbe and a 3rd round pick (78th overall, cornerback P.J. Williams)

The Winner: The Dolphins

Why: When this deal happened, many were surprised the Saints would trade off a young, up-and-coming receiver who barely touched the salary cap.

Which leads me to believe he was traded more because of the Saints cleaning up the locker room (our Editor Barry Hirstius reported that Stills allegedly showed up “hung over” to the stadium on GameDays, from a round of all-night partying).

That being said, the Dolphins were able to get rid of Ellerbe; who was a disappointment after bringing him in from Baltimore (where he had won the Super Bowl as a Raven) on a big contract.

Ellerbe only played one game for them in the 2014 season, and they saved about 5 million in cap space by getting rid of him. In return they got a young, dynamic receiver for their young quarterback.

Stills did put up the worst numbers of his career with 440 yards, the least of his young career, and 3 touchdowns, which ties 2014 season for the least.

Ellerbe did play really well for the Saints when he was able to stay on the field, but he was only able to play in 6 games for the Saints. P.J. Williams, who some thought might be a 1st round pick, fell to the Saints in round 3 after getting a DUI shortly before the draft. He tore his hamstring in training camp and wasn’t able to play a down for the Saints.

Next year if Ellerbe can actually stay on the field, and P.J. Williams can come back healthy and live up to his hype before the draft; then this very well could turn into a “win” for the Saints — but as of now the Saints got the worst half of this trade……

Final Grade: C-