Pelicans: 6 Targets With the 6th Pick in the 2016 NBA Draft

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Target #3: Buddy Hield 

Mar 20, 2016; Oklahoma City, OK, USA; Oklahoma Sooners guard Buddy Hield (24) celebrates defeating the Virginia Commonwealth Rams 85-81 during the second round of the 2016 NCAA Tournament at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Unless Simmons or Ingram are available, there is virtually a 0% chance the Pelicans pass on Buddy Hield. As far as Dell Demps is concerned, Hield is an absolute home-run.

Measuring in at 6’5″ with a 6’10” wingspan, Hield has the idea physical measurements for an NBA shooting guard. He’s strong, scrappy, and can contribute from day one on a competitive NBA team.

Some GMs might be turned-off by Buddy’s age, but Demps will be drawn to the fact that he’s a 22-year-old senior who will experience less of a learning curve than other freshman or sophomore prospects. Someone like Jamal Murray might have a higher ceiling, but Demps isn’t willing to wait around when he has the option of immediate results.

Hield is built for the modern NBA, and he lives behind the three-point line. Hield took 8.7 threes per game this season and made 4.0 of them (45%). The only player in the entire NBA to make more than 4.0 threes (5.1) and fire off more than 8.7 attempts (11.2) was Steph Curry.

2nd place in makes was Klay Thompson with 3.5, and 2nd in attempts was Damian Lillard with 8.1, which are both easily out-shined by Buddy’s numbers.

Buddy’s insane .457% mark from deep would also have played 3rd in the entire NBA this season, narrowly edging out Curry’s .454%. Obviously Buddy didn’t have to deal with actual NBA defense, and he had the advantage of a slightly closer college three-point line, but regardless it’s an incredible achievement.

As far as Curry’s college numbers go, Buddy is right there with him. Curry made just 3.8/9.9 threes per game in his final year in college, which Buddy surpass with ease by almost 7%.

Buddy projects to be an incredible shooter the second enters the league. Combine that with his drive, size, and love of the game and it becomes very difficult to imagine Demps not immediately pulling the trigger.

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