5 Intriguing 2nd Round Draft Options for the Pelicans

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#2: Zhou Qi

Zhou Qi is a behemoth.

When it comes to the 2nd round, you’re lucky to walk away with anything. With the stakes so low, why not take a shot on the riskiest prospect available and try and win the lottery? Zhou Qi is a monstrous 7’2″ big man with a 7’8″ wingspan.

Despite his length, he weights just under 220 lbs. Imagine if you took a normal 6’5″ shooting guard and stretched them out like a piece of gum until they were thin enough to snap, that’s what Zhou looks like.

He’ll need to hire a chef, eat 14 chicken breast a day, and lock himself in a weight room for a year or two, but after that he could emerge as a lethal NBA weapon.

One would think that Zhou would be some uncoordinated brute given his size, but he’s surprisingly quick and has the potential to be a great shooter. He’s already consistent from mid-range and he’s working to add a three-point shot as well.

His defensive timing is fantastic. He’s a legitimate rim protector and could put up Hakeem level block numbers if he was given the minutes. He can be a little jumpy when guards try and get him out of position, but given his age that’s hardly a dire concern.

Combine his defensive talent with his natural shooting ability and it’s easy to see why Zhou is attracting attention. He and Anthony Davis could form a frontline that sends opposing players shots flying into the stands and are impossible to defend in the pick-and-pop.

He isn’t a great rebounder, but only because he struggles with boxing out. He mainly relies on his ability to reach into the clouds to grab boards rather than pushing the opposing teams center out of the paint.

Strength is an easy thing to fix in a prospect. Zhou has the talent and the physical potential, he just needs to lift a few weights and adjust himself to the speed of the NBA. It’s the 2nd round, why not take a shot?

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