PELICANS: Examining all Possible Draft Night Scenarios

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March 24, 2016; Anaheim, CA, USA; Duke Blue Devils guard Brandon Ingram (14) reacts during the 82-68 loss against Oregon Ducks during the second half of the semifinal game in the West regional of the NCAA Tournament at Honda Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Moving Up 

The 6th pick is nice, but if Dell and Ferry decide they want to select a player even earlier they could put together a competitive offer.

Demps might imagine 6’9″ Brandon Ingram sprinting the floor, blocking shots, and hitting 27 footers next to superstar Anthony Davis. If Demps decided he needed to have Ingram at all costs, the Lakers might be willing to part with pick #2.

Recent reports have surfaced that the Los Angeles Lakers love Buddy Hield. He recently worked out for them and recorded a 40 inch vertical as well as impressing them with his mentality and scoring abilities. Prior to that, Lakers legend Kobe Bryant had privately worked out with him and spoke out openly about his work ethic and drive.

The Lakers might love Buddy, but odds are they won’t select someone who’s ranked 5th-8th with the 2nd overall pick.

If they draft Ingram instead and Buddy is available at pick #6, the Pelicans could call them with an offer.

The Pelicans won’t give up both Jrue and their 2017 pick, but combining one of them with Buddy would probably be enough to convince the Lakers to hand over Ingram. That way the Lakers get the prospect they were drawn to in the first place, but can select him where he was supposed to be selected while collected some additional assets.

It’s not likely the Pelicans move up in the draft, but it’s possible if they find a team who covets a player available at six. They’d have to sweeten the deal, but for a player like Ingram it might be worth the cost.

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