SAINTS AT 50: The Top 5 Moments of Super Bowl XLIV

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#5. Garrett Hartley Keeps the Saints Alive

Before Garrett Hartley lost his mojo, he was one of the Saints best and most clutch players. He nailed the kick in overtime of the NFC Championship game that sent the Saints to the Super Bowl to begin with.

In the Super Bowl, many forget that without Hartley’s cool under pressure, the Saints never would have been in a position to win.

Hartley hit two big field goals in the first half to give the Saints some momentum, and keep them in the game, both emotionally, and on the scoreboard.

Hartley hit his first kick from 46 yards out, far from a gimme. This was crucial as the Saints were down 10-0 at that point, and if Hartley had missed, the Colts would have been given prime field position, and a chance to deal the Saints a knockout blow in the first half.

Hartley’s second kick came as time expired in the first half. This one was a 44 yard attempt, again, far from automatic.

The only six points the Saints prolific offense managed in the first half of Super Bowl XLIV all came courtesy of the right foot of Garrett Hartley.

Hartley kept the Saints in it, and set the stage for some of the bigger moments in the second half.

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