SAINTS AT 50: The Top 5 Moments of Super Bowl XLIV

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#2. Sean Payton Calls an Onside Kick

“Ambush” is a now-famous word in Saints lore.

It was the only word Sean Payton said to the man who kicked it, Thomas Morestead, in the locker room at half time.

It signified a surprise onside kick to start the second half, the first time an onside kick had been attempted before the 4th quarter in Super Bowl history.

It changed the course of the game, and is still referred to as one of, if not THE, bravest play calls in Super Bowl history.

The Saints lined up as they normally would, pretending they were going to kick deep to start the half. The Colts were leading 10-6 at that point and had mostly controlled the game. The Saints mighty offense had been held in check, and New Orleans was in bad need of a game-changer.

To the shock of the Colts, Morestead didn’t kick deep, but instead dribbled the ball to his left, setting off one of the most intense dog-pile scrums of all-time.

To this day, it’s unclear what happened at the bottom of that pile. Ultimately, the officials ruled the Saints recovered, giving Jonathan Casillas credit, and spotting the ball at the Saints 42 yard line.

Later, Saints players would come out crediting safety Chris Reis as the player who actually secured the football. Regardless of who made the recovery, it’s a play that every Saints fan remembers.

This moment, combined with the ones previously on the list, set up what might be the greatest moment in Saints franchise history.

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