5 Reasons Why Saints WON’T “Tank” Rest of the Season

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Dec 11, 2016; Tampa, FL, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) reacts as he walks back to the sideline after the didn

The 50th season of the New Orleans Saints NFL franchise will not end with a playoff berth. And although the (5-8) Saints are still somehow mathematically alive — with some crazy scenarios far too complicated for most fan’s minds who don’t have a Master’s degree in Rocket Science to comprehend — the reality is that this team’s 2016 season will end in Atlanta on January 1st.

In a scenario like this, you often here people calling for their team to “tank” (actually hoping that their team loses  on purpose in order to receive a higher draft choice), but the reality is that such notions are absolutely ridiculous.

What most fans who subscribe to those beliefs or views fail to realize, is that no true competitor in the world would ever actively carry out or participate in such a philosophy — and there is no reason to believe that this Saints team will either.

Just the other night, our good friends here at the Big Easy Believer; The


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Sean Williams


Allen Ulrich

(seen or heard every Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. CST /9 p.m. EST), covered this exact topic on their weekly show this past Tuesday night.

In the video just above, Williams and Ulrich went to great lengths to debunk the “myth” that exists among a pretty decent-sized portion of Saints fans.

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That “myth” centers around a segment of fans who actually believe that the Saints would be better off by intentionally playing just poorly enough to lose the games — in order to further along their current draft position in next April’s 2017 NFL Draft.

The Saints, as of this very moment, will have the #8 pick overall, but it could potentially be higher if they lose any of the 3 games that remain.

We thought we would even further outline the reasons why this Saints team will be expected to play hard down the stretch, and hopefully finishing a disappointing season on a positive note.

So with that in mind, this morning we’re presenting 5 reasons that the Saints WON’T tank their 3 remaining regular season games, and give a complete and total 110% effort to finish 2016.

Let’s start first with probably the least important reason of them all — although the players themselves don’t think so…..