New Orleans Saints: Biggest winners of the first half of the season

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(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) – New Orleans Saints

Michael Thomas

Full credit to my friend Tyler, who brought this realization to me recently. Michael Thomas has been so good this season and has been on pace to set records and is the ultimate sleeper pick to be the first wide receiver ever to be the NFL’s MVP.

How does this happen? First, Aaron Rodgers, who is probably the consensus favorite right now, needs to cool down the rest of the season. If Rodgers struggles down the stretch and does not put together all that impressive of a stat line then there may not be any other clear-cut quarterback that deserves the award.

Russell Wilson is intriguing but even he has cooled down a bit and he won’t win it if the Seahawks are a wild-card team. There is the possibility of Tom Brady winning it if the Patriots go 14-2 or better, but he even isn’t having that good of a year.

The consensus favorite before the season, Patrick Mahomes, won’t win it after missing games. Maybe DeShaun Watson is a possibility, but the Houston Texans would have to win the AFC South.

There is not really a clear-cut quarterback, opening the door for Thomas, who is not getting outshined but his own quarterback in New Orleans as the stats will be split between Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Brees.

Michael Thomas leads the league with 73 receptions for 875 yards and has eight touchdowns. He is on pace to break the record for receptions (143) and finish sixth all-time in receiving yards in a season.

Even if he does this and Aaron Rodgers continues to thrive then it will go to Rodgers. However, just the fact that he is in the conversation as a wide receiver after eight weeks makes him a massive winner.

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