New Orleans Pelicans: Betting guide vs. Orlando Magic

The New Orleans Pelicans are in action on Sunday against the Orlando Magic, looking to keep the team’s losing streak from reaching a dozen.

The New Orleans Pelicans should not be as bad as they have been this season but here we are, the Pelicans have lost 11 games in a row and practically have no chance of getting close to sniffing the playoffs this season.

While making the playoffs was the best-case scenario, it certainly was possible with this cast of players. Even with Brandon Ingram breaking out and playing like an all-star, the Pelicans have not been able to win games, partially because of Zion Williamson‘s injury.

Zion still has not played this season and probably will not play until 2020. This is a big loss for a team that has also been without Derrick Favors, taking away the team’s two best players in the frontcourt.

But still, the Pelicans should be better than they are without a rookie that has not even played a minute with the team. The blame can be directly pointed at Alvin Gentry and the coaching staff.

Regardless, the Pelicans are looking to keep the losing streak from reaching a dozen against the Orlando Magic, who are slightly favored over the Pelicans despite being the home team. According to the Action Network, the Magic are one-point favorites in this contest.

Against the spread prediction (Record: 11-12-1): Orlando Magic -1

About halfway through the New Orleans Pelicans’ losing streak I fully committed to picking against the Pelicans in every single game until they outright won. I finally lost on that logic, as the Pelicans lost by seven to the 76ers when the line was 76ers -8.

Just because they won against the spread does not mean I am going to go against my logic as I am picking the road-favorites in the Magic -1 at New Orleans.

This is essentially a straight-up pick as the teams cannot tie so the spread is not going to lose me the game. The only thing that could happen would be the Magic only winning by one, which in that case, would result in a push.

Stylistically, the Pelicans actually have a good chance of winning this game against a Magic team that is nothing special by raining down threes and simply attempting to score in bunches and out will the Magic.

However, I am still going against the team with the 11-game losing streak, which should not be much of a surprise.