New Orleans Pelicans: Betting guide in Nets rematch

The New Orleans Pelicans have a rematch from a game the team lost earlier in the season against the Brooklyn Nets while also looking to snap a losing streak.

The New Orleans Pelicans‘ season continues to snowball the wrong direction. Every single game preview we seem to write this same sentiment and every single game preview it has been true. The Pelicans are getting closer and closer to simply going for the first overall pick and that downward spiral could continue on Tuesday.

The Pelicans have lost 12 games in a row and are back at home on Tuesday against a 14-12 Brooklyn Nets team. There is hope that this could be the game that the Pelicans finally break the losing streak, as Kyrie Irving is not playing, leaving the Nets without a star.

However, we should all know better by now that we cannot expect that to be the case. The Pelicans have lost several games to teams without a star, most recently to the Orlando Magic, who defeated the Pelicans by 11.

Luckily for the Pelicans, they still have awhile until they are among the worst losing streaks in NBA history. If they reach the 17 mark then they will have officially cracked the top-26, which is as far as the Wikipedia page goes.

If they somehow reach 20, which is pretty far away, then they will be the 12th team to do so and the eighth team to do so across one season instead of two.

It is likely that the Pelicans win at least one game until then, but based on how the team has been playing, I don’t expect anything but losses the rest of the way. Vegas is even expecting the same thing as according to the Action Network, the Pelicans are 2.5-point underdogs against a Nets team that has no stars and is on the road.

Against the spread prediction (Record: 12-12-1): Brooklyn Nets -2.5

For the second time in three games, I have a chance to go above .500 on the season (even though I am technically above .500 with a tie) by picking against the Pelicans.

I committed to picking against the Pelicans in every single game until they win outright to break this losing streak and it has panned out in every game except one. The Philadelphia 76ers were eight-point favorites against the Pelicans and won by seven. Besides that, every other game has covered.

This line should not be that worrisome as well. Chances are that if the Nets win it will be by three or more points, so the only real way I can see myself losing this game is if the Pelicans outright win, which is a win in my book as well.

Betting against the New Orleans Pelicans has treated me well as I have gone on a nice little run and I will continue to do so. Nets by three or more.