New Orleans Pelicans: Betting guide vs. Golden State Warriors

The New Orleans Pelicans did it! The team finally won a game and now looks to turn it into a winning streak against the Golden State Warriors.

The New Orleans Pelicans finally won a game for the first time in what seemed like forever on Thursday. The team defeated the short-handed Minnesota Timberwolves, who were tasked with playing without Karl-Anthony Towns.

Granted, if the Timberwolves would have had Towns this probably would have been a different game. The Pelicans are not the biggest team and Towns is having a great year, which would have been a nightmare matchup.

But hey, we are not going to lament on what could have been and instead are going to celebrate a victory. They do not come often, which is evident from the team’s seven wins this season.

The great part is that this could even spin into a winning streak for the Pelicans, which seems like such a foreign thing to even consider. The Pelicans are taking on the battered Golden State Warriors, who are the only team in the Western Conference that has a worse record than the Pelicans.

This is showed in the betting lines as well as the Pelicans are actually 1.5-point favorites over the Warriors, according to the Action Network.

This is also an intriuging game because this is the first one in several weeks where I can pick the Pelicans. I swore against picking the team until they won a game back when the losing streak was at four games and was forced to pick against them in eight straight games.

I won’t complain, though, as my record in those eight games was 6-2.

Against the spread prediction (Record:13-13-1): Golden State Warriors +1.5

I know I said this is the first game where I am “allowing” myself to bet on the Pelicans but that does not mean that I am going to in this game.

While the Warriors are the worst team in the West and are the most banged-up team in the league, they still have Draymond Green and D’Angelo Russell, and most importantly, are home in this game.

This is a 7:30 game that is starting at 9:30 New Orleans time, which is going to throw the Pelicans off as they are playing their third game in four days. Despite winning against the Timberwolves on a back-to-back, it is hard for me to see the Pelicans overcoming this factor.

If the New Orleans Pelicans were the home team then I would feel much more comfortable picking them in this game. With them being on the road, I have to go with the Warriors.