New Orleans Pelicans: Betting guide for Christmas Day

The New Orleans Pelicans’ Christmas Day matchup against the Denver Nuggets was much more appealing when it was announced than it is now.

The New Orleans Pelicans got the honor of playing on Christmas Day this season and have the last game and are tasked with following up the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, which is the game of the day.

The Pelicans are on the road against the Denver Nuggets, who are one of the best teams in the Western Conference. Despite the big challenge, Pelican fans should be feeling great right about now as the team actually won its last game and won two of the last three.

In a season that has been disappointing and a bit disheartening, every win feels great and winning two of the last three feels like a massive win. However, at the end of the day, those two wins won’t give the team enough momentum to swing this game.

The Pelicans certainly could win this game, but I would not count on the team providing you a great end to the Christmas holiday. Las Vegas agrees as well, as according to the Action Network, the Pelicans are nine-point underdogs in the contest.

Against the spread prediction (15-13-2): Denver Nuggets -9

Last game was the first time that I actually picked the New Orleans Pelicans in a few weeks. I swore off picking the team while they were halfway through their losing streak and promised that I would not pick them until they won a game.

Even after that, I still did not pick the Pelicans against the Warriors, which ended up being the right move. I followed suit with another right move as I finally picked against the Pelicans against the Trailblazers, expecting them to lose but cover. They won outright.

I am not continuing that streak, even if a nine-point spread feels like a lot. While I hope that the Pelicans put up a good fight in this game, I can’t imagine it being under a 10-point loss.

Nikola Jokic is going to have a big game against a Pelicans team that is lacking size and the Pelicans’ defense is going to allow far too many points for the efforts on the other side of the court to keep up.