New Orleans Saints: The only situation that Antonio Brown get signed

The New Orleans Saints worked out Antonio Brown on Friday morning, sparking a debate on whether or not he would be worth bringing in for the playoffs.

Antonio Brown has been the most compelling story of the 2019 NFL season and the New Orleans Saints added themselves to the saga by working out the All-Pro receiver on Friday. This naturally made headlines and sparked the debate of whether or not Brown would be worth bringing in.

On one hand, you have a remarkable talent that is one of the best this generation has ever seen that would be playing alongside another remarkable talent in Michael Thomas. On the other hand, you have someone with notable off-the-field incidents, both in his personal life and football career.

It seems as if that debate already has an answer, the answer being no, the Saints will likely not bring Brown in. ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted that Brown was not the only wide receiver that was being worked out and that Sean Payton wanted an updated list of receivers to sign in case someone gets injured.

Schefter also tweeted that the Saints are doing their due diligence with Brown and that the NFL still has not finished their investigation. There is the realistic possibility of the Saints signing Brown only for the league to suspend him.

While that seems to strike a nail in the coffin in Brown coming to New Orleans, I think there is one instance in which the team does look to bring him in and it has to do with injury.

The Saints probably won’t bring Brown in if Tedd Ginn gets hurt. The team can take the next man up approach with the rest of receiving corps and bring in a lesser name to add depth to the team. Adding Brown, in that case, would result in him sharing the field with Thomas, which absolutely could disrupt the chemistry and flow of the offense.

Thomas has been sensational. There is no reason to force an issue and bring Brown in to take away some of Thomas’ targets when he is doing just fine.

However, if Thomas was the one that got hurt, that is when I could see the New Orleans Saints bringing in Antonio Brown. The receiving corps cannot simply take the next man up approach with Thomas out and the Saints would need an elite receiver to replace the production and presence that Thomas brings to the offense.

In that situation, I could see the Saints bringing in Brown simply because it would be the only thing the team can really do. As great as Drew Brees is and as good as the defense has been at times, I could not see the Saints winning the Super Bowl if Tedd Ginn is the best receiver on the field.