Possible Candidates for Next Pelicans Coach

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Tom Thibodeau

As the 2014-2015 postseason approaches its end, Thibodeau’s tenure as head coach of the Chicago Bulls may be doing the same.

Years of disagreement with the front office may have done enough permanent damage to the relationship for both sides to call it quits.

If that is the case, Thibodeau will not be unemployed for long.

He will be on a lot of teams’ wish lists, and the Pelicans are probably no exception.

Thibs’ intense defensive regime has been well documented over the years.

He helped the Celtics win a title as an assistant to Doc Rivers and his Bulls teams, despite well documented health issues, have been major competitors in the Eastern Conference for as long as he has been there.

The major case against Thibodeau would be the workload he has put on his players in the past.

Players like Luol Deng and Jimmy Butler have led the league in minutes played while being coached by Thibs. Seeing Joakim Noah hobble around as of late may be a red flag for Pelicans and Anthony Davis fans alike.

However, Thibs would hopefully be able to find a happy medium with management and the players to settle playing time.

Davis has played under Thibodeau on Team USA, so that relationship it probably at least a bit developed.

The current Bulls head coach would be a marquee free agent should he leave Chicago, and the Pelicans should be interested.

As of this writing, he is THE leading candidate for the Pelicans job if he does leave Chicago — but let’s take a look at some other possibilities, should he turn down New Orleans yet again……

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