Settling The Real DBU Argument


Most of you have probably heard by now that Florida, trespassing beyond any grounds of reason and intelligence, announced to the world that they are the real “DBU” (a.k.a., Defensive Backs University”) recently.

Since silly things Gators say are rarely newsworthy, this wouldn’t have gotten much attention had LSU fans seen it and rebutted with a much more popular version of the real DBU vid of their own.

Just for purposes of review, here is Florida’s video claiming they are D.B.U.

Now here is the video made by LSU fans reminding the pesky Gators who the real champ is:

LSU is DBU from LSU Football on Vimeo.

From watching those vids a couple of things probably stood out to you right away. First off, the LSU vid is just better in every way. That’s easy. The vid has a better soundtrack, for one. T.I. and Rick Ross versus some generic background beat? Give me a break already.

The LSU vid starts with a series of Tigers getting their name called by Roger Goodell form the podium at the NFL draft. Since Goodell only calls the high picks personally LSU had enough of these to make a montage scene for their vid, unlike Florida.

More from LSU Tigers

You also may have noticed the LSU vbid runs quite a bit longer. That’s because in addition to all the clips of Tigers being drafted LSU also has a lot more highlight reel signature big plays than Florida. Enough to fill up a much longer video.

Stil, beyond the videos the numbers should count too, so let’s look at a couple of big “counting stats” to determine who is the real DBU here between LSU and Florida.

Defensive Backs on NFL Rosters Going with 2014 here, since the 2015 53 man rosters are still months away. LSU had 10 defensive backs on NFL rosters, one more than Florida. Florida can only claim 10 by counting Janoris Jenkins, who was drafted out of The University of North Alabama, or TUNA as it’s rivals call it, which is definitely not in Florida.

Star Power Florida has put some talent into the NFL, no doubt about it. Reggie Nelson and Matt Elam are very good NFL safeties, and Joe Haden is a pro bowl cornerback who just signed a $67.5 million extension with the Browns. Pretty good money for a pretty good player.

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  • LSU has all that covered though. Tyrann Mathieu has been a playmaker in the pros just like he was at LSU. So has Eric Reid, who has 7 picks in his first 2 seasons with the 49ers.

    Patrick Peterson is the best defensive back from either school, making 2 All Pro teams and handling return duties on top of playing defense. Peterson also just signed a major extension, his for over $70 million.

    Draft Power: Florida may not believe LSU is the real DBU but 32 NFL GM’s will disagree. LSU is unrivaled in preparing defensive backs to not only make pro teams but to get drafted high.

    That’s why LSU has 4 players on NFL rosters that were drafted in the first round, one more than Florida.

    LSU also added 2nd rounder Jaelen Collins in this years draft. Florida didn’t have a defensive back taken in the class of 2015.

    LSU is more money on the field which means more dollars on the contracts: Florida only had 3 players on big money deals last year. The rest were at or near the league minimum salary.

    LSU had 5 former players make over $1 million last year, a number that should only go up with Tyrann Mathieus next deal, Tharold Simon now a starter and Jaelen Collins a high draft pick in Atlanta.

    Did I mention LSU is more money on the field? LSU players dressed for nearly 20 more games than Florida players last year, accounted for more interceptions, and have been elected to more pro bowl and All Pro teams than their Florida counterparts.

    You can’t argue with production like that.

    All in all the DBU debate is closer than a lot of LSU fans might want to admit. Florida has recruited and developed a lot of really good DB’s over the years. Still, the quality at LSU is just a little better.

    They are a cut above, and with players like Tre’davious White and Jamal Adams starting and incoming freshmen Kevin Tolliver II and Donte Jackson that won’t change any time soon…..