Things Saints Fans and the Who Dat Nation Can Be Thankful For

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Despite the heart-breaking / brain-numbing losses of these last few weeks, this 2016 Saints team remains very much in the hunt for a playoff spot in the NFC.

However, their “best-case scenario” is mostly as a Division winner and not a Wild Card participant; since the Saints are currently seeded 11th — behind 5 other teams for the 6th and final seed / Wild Card playoff spot on the conference.

Nevertheless, the prevailing thought here is that perhaps it is somewhat fitting that this is the 40th anniversary of the ultimate underdog movie, “Rocky”.

This Saints squad — much like that famous boxer portrayed by iconic actor Sylvester Stallone — is over-matched in spots, yet scrappy, refuses to give up in the face of any odds, and appears to have the respect of their opponents much more so than the national media.

If this sounds familiar, it should, because it was the mark of every Sean Payton team from 2006 until now.

Even when the Saints have been “bad” at times (2014 and 2015), they’ve never quit fighting; another trait that Saints fans can be thankful for when it comes to their beloved heroes in the Black and Gold.