Saints “Winners and Losers” From the Loss to Tampa Bay

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Dec 11, 2016; Tampa, FL, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (9) reacts as he walks back to the sideline after the didn

LOSER: Drew Brees, Quarterback

Pay ZERO attention to all the message boards saying that Brees is “done”, or that he has “declined”, or that the Saints need to “move on without him”– because such thoughts and opinions are simply ridiculous.

But make no mistake about this: Drew Brees has played DREADFUL (by his high standards) over the last two weeks. Yesterday, Brees failed to throw for 300 yards (257), and this on a day of all days; when the Saints failed miserably to run the football –16 attempts for 46 yards.

Worse yet, he threw THREE interceptions for the 2nd straight week, while also not throwing for a single touchdown.

That brings Brees’ two week total to SIX interceptions, ZERO touchdown passes, a combined 22 points offensively, and of course 2 losses that fall directly on the shoulders of an offense that feels foolish to call “elite” at this stage.

Yes, when the Saints offense WANTS to be great, they are. But they haven’t even been below average the past 2 weeks, which is because they’ve been just plain BAD.